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AxSOS Locking Plate System
The AxSOS Locking Plate System is designed to treat metaphyseal and diaphyseal fractures. Options for the ankle include low profile and anatomically contoured distal medial and distal anterolateral plates, plus locking compression and 1/3 tubular plates.

  • Anatomically contoured left and right plates
  • Self aligning locking screws
  • Shaft locking on demand

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T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nailing System:
The T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nail offers strong biomechanical intramedullary stabilization using cannulated implants for the tibiotalocalcaneal fusion.

  • Axial stable distal locking screws for increased stability
  • The integrated internal compression option allows for controlled Tibio-talar compressionand therefore a high stability of the fused ankle. The compression screws offer an additional axial stability
  • The T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nail features a 5° lateral bend providing an anatomical fit with better purchase through the calcaneal bone

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T2 Distal Tibial Nail
The T2 Tibial Nailing System addresses very proximal and very distal fractures of the tibia. Various locking modes provide options for stable fixation.

  • All implants of the T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nailing System are made of Type II anodized titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) for enhanced biomechanical and biomedical performance.
  • Special designed screws simplify the surgical procedure and offer the advantages of both reduced insertion torque and low profile heads.
  • Extremely distal locking holes

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Hoffmann II MRI Ex-Fix
Based upon the long-standing tradition of the original Hoffmann Fixator, the Hoffmann II design provides today's surgeon with advanced technology and ease of application. The Hoffmann II MRI External Fixation System can be used in MRI scanners up to 3.0 Tesla as it was specifically designed for use in the MRI environment.

  • Snap-fit connections allow rapid frame construction
  • Independent,multiplanar pin placement allows flexibility and a very stable frame construction
  • Hoffmann II MRI Ex-Fix offers small, lightweight clamps for lower profile frames, better access to the fracture site and increased patient comfort

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